Regular Expressions

This is a standard Regular Expressions. They are realized in almost all languages like C, C++, Python, JavaScript, bash, Perl, PHP, Ruby and others. Some times such expressions called “Perl-like” as they were popularized within Perl at first.

AFANASY uses this expressions in hosts mask, depend masks and other patterns.

Examples Expression Some Matched Names Description
r1|r7|r12 r1 r7 r12 Only specified machines (“|” - means “or”)
r1. r11-r19 r1a-r1z Names starts with “r” plus one any character (“.” - any (one) character)
r.* r0 r1 rN rnd roman … All computers which name starts with “r” (“*” - any number or characters)
r1.* r1 r10 r11 r102 r1asd … All computers which name starts with “r1”
r1[178] r11 r17 r18 Only specified machines, [1 or 7 or 8]
r1[1-5] r11 r12 r13 r14 r15 Only specified machines, [from 1 to 5]
r0.|r1[1-5] r00-r09 r11-r15 All r0# and from r11 to r15

Detailed documentation, examples, constructors and testers:

RegExp Checker

A simple dialog to check regular expressions provided with CGRU.

You can launch it from keeper: Afanasy -> Check RegExp…


Any render01-render04 or workstation01-workstation04.