Linux Packages

Download the latest release and unpack.

  • Server: You need to install afanasy-server package. Also you can to install afanasy-render package to monitor its resources, and should limit some heavy tasks not to run on server machine.
  • Workstation: You need to install cgru package.
  • Render: You need to install afanasy-render package.

CGRU will be installed in /opt/cgru folder.

Structure Description Depends
  • cgru
    • afanasy-render
      • afanasy-common
        • cgru-common
    • afanasy-qtgui
      • cgru-common
  • afanasy-server
    • afanasy-common
      • cgru-common
cgru: Start menu item. PySide(1-2) or PyQt(4-5)
cgru-common: All files, except Afanasy binaries.  
afanasy-common: Afanasy binaries, except GUI. PostgreSQL libraries (libpq)
afanasy-render: Afanasy render startup scripts.  
afanasy-server: Afanasy server startup scripts. PostgreSQL server, apache, php, php-pgsql
afanasy-qtgui: Afanasy Qt GUI binary. Qt libraries
  • PostgreSQL server and Apache+PHP needed for afserver to store and view statistics only.

Installation Methods:

  • Install and uninstall scripts provided with the packages.
  • Various GUI utilities native for each Linux distribution, can install it.
  • Commands like dpkg -i for .deb’s and rpm -i for .rmp’s.
  • The best way is to put this packages in you local company Linux repository. And to use native Linux ways to install and update software. In this way Linux system solves packages dependences itself.

MS Windows Archives

Download the latest release and unpack. Use Keeper to launch applications.

  • Server: Launch afserver.
  • Render: Launch afrender.
  • Workstation: Use Keeper to launch render client and other CGRU applications.

Mac OS X

There is no release for this platform, yet. But you can build project yourself.

Manual Project Build

You can build project using cmake.

The project is hosted on GitHub:

If you want just to compile (not to develop) better to use tags.

You can simple Download an archive with the latests release sources.

Needed libraries:

  • Python: >= 2.6
  • Qt: Needed for Qt-GUI only
  • PostgreSQL: Optional, needed by server for statistics only


All needed libraries can be installed by a script:

cd cgru/utilities

Run build script:

cd cgru/afanasy/src/project.cmake

MS Windows

You need MS Visual Studio 2015 and cmake. Cmake will generate Visual Studio project.

Go to cgru/afanasy/src/project.cmake and run win_build_msvc.cmd.

Mac OS X

You should be familiar with building projects on Mac.

You can use macports or homebrew to install needed libraries and cmake.

cd cgru/afanasy/src/project.cmake