CGRU is a CG tools pack includes AFANASY - Free Open Source Render Farm Manager.

Name “CGRU” - came from CG - Rules. It has two meanings: computer graphics principles and computer graphics is a cool thing.

Name “Afanasy” - came from a Greek name meaning “immortal”.





CGRU project was started in 2005 as Maya (3d software name) tools pack. It included 3d modeling tools and rules. And was designed to join Maya MEL scripts and plug-ins from several artists. It still exists but as a part of the project. Later the project started to include tools for other software and a render farm manager. Moved on SourceForge and lost all not open-source tools.

Afanasy was started in 2007. In 2008 a fist working alpha version started to solve jobs on real VFX projects in “Film Direction” (Russia). It was merged with CGRU project on SourceForge and became open-source. Now it is a main part of CGRU project and other tools can be considered as an utilities for it. So we may say that CGRU consist of Afanasy render manager and some ready solutions for it, like submit scripts or movie encode scripts, for example.

Since 2012 project code is on GitHub.


There is some paper, but only in Russian.

Paper (rus)

It is about render managers generally, Afanasy idea, why it was written, who is interested in. If somebody going to translate it in English, please contact, it is really needed. Paper has some funny shade, it is done not to bore people that are not vary familiar with the theme, may be with computers at all. As practically 90% of people in auditorium do not really know where they are and why.